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Conga in a box: Essential

Everything a business leader needs to begin their Commercial Operations Transformation journey

Small package, big results

Conga in a box: Essential is a package designed to enable business leaders, sales management, sales operations, and Salesforce admins who want to accelerate sales conversions, increase deal velocity, and lower the cost of sale. It reduces risk with an easy to use, quick-start package‚ÄĒeverything you need to begin your business transformation.

With Conga in a box: Essential, you’ll:

  • Differentiate yourself against the competition & increase conversion rates with better proposals
  • Track customer engagement & close deals faster
  • Enhance pipeline management reporting and increase forecast accuracys
  • Reduce ramp time for new starters & build a best in class sales organisation
  • Minimise risk with a scalable, easy to use, fully supported quick start package

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